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Openness to society means above all sharing and offering scientific and multimedia content straight out of our laboratories.

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To increase our exposure to audiences that might be interested in our resources, we have decided to share our content with multiple partners.

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Our scientists regularly publish articles on online media outlet The Conversation France, under a Creative Commons licence. These articles are available for free on our partner’s website and republished on Reflexscience according to the republishing guidelines issued by The Conversation France.

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Echosciences is a social network that brings together internet users and allows them to discover all science and social initiatives in their local area. As our university has multiple campuses, part of the dynamic network of actors in the scientific, technical and industrial sectors, we regularly offer content on the following Echosciences platforms:


The Pop’sciences network, led by Université de Lyon (UdL), brings together all science and social initiatives in the local area of one of our research campuses (Bron 69). Through this project, our scientists have actively contributed to their initiatives and to the Pop’sciences web portal.

Your turn!

Would you also like to republish our content and resources on your blog, portal or website?

If so, please:

  • Check the licence attributed to each resource, at the bottom of the web page hosting it
  • Read our Republish our Content
  • Use the button "Republish our Content" so that we can keep track of view numbers

Don’t hesitate to contact us at reflexscience(at)