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The text and multimedia content available on the Reflexscience web portal is protected by intellectual property law. As such, you must not copy, translate, reproduce, commercialise, publish, exploit, or broadcast content in part or in full without having consulted the related terms and conditions.

However, in a spirit of openness to society, we strive to allow our web content and resources to be shared:


  • When the “Republishing Requirements” sidebar appears in the left-hand column of the web page, you can republish the page’s text on your website, blog, etc. according to the indicated guidelines.
  • For all text and/or multimedia resources, made available for free and by download on Reflexscience, please consult the Creative Commons licences for use specified at the bottom of the page in the “Identity Sheet” section. The license precisely indicates the conditions under which you can use the resource, i.e., copy, modify, communicate or distribute it, by any means and in any format.
  • The datasets and open-source software presented in the #DATA section are subject to a specific reuse licence. The free licence that applies is specified at the bottom of the page, in the “Identity Sheet”, as well as on the hosting platforms.


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