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Who is ELEA ?

Identity : friendly robot

Âge : the same as you

Country : France

Mission : make science fun and interesting

ELEA discovers the train of the future

Published in March 2020 and updated in February 2023

Today, trains are powered and controlled using high-tech equipment, but they can sometimes be late. Scientists are designing a new type of train for the future that will have on-board intelligence, be composed of autonomous carriages and be driven remotely. This will help reduce delays and increase the frequency of trains.

ELEA will take you to see the trains of the future to help you understand this complex subject. Simply play the video (duration: 2m 26s).


Imagine the train of the future with ELEA :

Subtitles in English and French available by clicking on the "subtitle and audio" icon in the movie’s icon bar


Put simply...

On-board intelligence is a type of artificial intelligence that is built into a vehicle, such as a car or a train. It enables the vehicle to adapt to its environment independently without being remotely controlled.


Identity sheet of the animated film

Title :ELEA discovers the train of the future
Public :Students and their teachers
Contributors :

Marion Berbineau et Juliette Marais, engineers and research directors in the COSYS department, Université Gustave Eiffel

Making the video :Visée.A Production
Coordination :The Dissemination of Knowledge and Openness service at the Gustave Eiffel University
Mots clés :Train, railway system, embedded intelligence
Collection :ELEA discovers